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Used Honda Hybrid Models Overview

If you like Honda Hybrids, you are sure to like this Used Honda Hybrid Models Overview. The used Honda Hybrid models at Honda of Bellingham all offer outstanding fuel economy ratings, and they are also durable and reliable. The used Honda Hybrid cars that you can get at Honda of Bellingham include the Honda CR-Z, Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, and Honda Accord Hybrid.

Used Honda Hybrid Hatchback Design Overview

The Honda Insight is a hybrid hatchback that has a lot to offer with this Used Honda Hybrid Models Overview. It is available either as a subcompact hatchback (the 1st-generation models) or as a compact hatchback (the 2nd generation models). The smaller 1st-generation models (1999-2006) feature two-seater cabins and are great for in-city driving because they are easy to navigate through tight traffic or crowded streets. The 2nd-generation models (2009-2014), on the other hand, feature spacious five-passenger cabins so they can serve well as family haulers.

You should also know that the fuel economy ratings of the Honda Insight are quite impressive, especially in its 1st-generation models, so great savings at the fuel pump are assured with it. The Honda Insight also offers inspiring practicality thanks to its hatchback design. It offers up to 16 cubic feet of cargo space at the back, which is sufficient for the shopping needs of most people. The 2nd-generation models (2009-2014) offer even more cargo space when the rear seats are folded down. The Honda Insight is driven by a hybrid powertrain that comprises of a 1.0/1.3 liter gas engine and an electric motor.

"The used Honda Hybrid models at Honda of Bellingham all offer outstanding fuel economy ratings, and they are also durable and reliable."

Used Honda CR-Z Hybrid Model Performance

The Honda CR-Z is a sporty hatchback that offers a blend of superior fuel economy, sporty driving dynamics, and compelling performance. This car is also quite affordable, so it offers great value for the money.

The two-seater Honda CR-Z boasts an aggressively-styled, bold, and aerodynamic exterior that is different in design from those of most other similar-sized sport hatchbacks. This car also features a performance-inspired cabin with standard sport seats that are upholstered with high quality cloth trim.

This car also boasts a tastefully-designed dash with a colorfully illuminated instrument cluster that features both analog and digital instrumentation. In addition, the Honda CR-Z also offers impressive utility. Behind the front seats in most models, it features a flip-down rear parcel shelf that can be lowered to create a load floor. Over 20 cubic feet of cargo space is availed when that shelf is lowered.

Under the hood, the Honda CR-Z features a hybrid powertrain that may combine the output of a 1.5 liter four-cylinder gas engine with that of an electric motor. This powertrain pairs with either a six-speed manual transmission or with a continuously variable transmission depending on stock.

Used Honda Civic Hybrid Model Overview

You are also sure to like the Honda Civic Hybrid compact car. The Honda Civic Hybrid is a well-rounded car that is known for its high build quality. It can handle heavy usage and it can also be driven on varying types of terrain without quickly developing mechanical problems. Therefore, rest assured that any used Honda Civic Hybrid that you acquire will serve you for many years.

The Honda Civic Hybrid also offers a roomier cabin that you would think. Five tall adults can fit in it comfortably, so it is also a great choice for a family car. In terms of utility, this car offers a sizeable trunk with over 10 cubic feet of luggage space in most models. This car may also feature split-folding rear seats that can be folded down to allow for loads to be pushed into the cabin area when there is a lot to carry. Under the hood, the Honda Civic Hybrid could feature a hybrid powertrain that comprises of a 1.3/1.5 liter gas engine and an electric motor, depending on model year.

Features of a Used Honda Accord Hybrid Model

The Honda Accord Hybrid is a midsize hybrid car that also offers superior fuel economy. The large Accord Hybrid also offers an even roomier cabin. This is especially noticeable at the back where there is almost enough legroom for you to fold your legs as you ride along. The cabin of the Accord Hybrid is also equipped with desirable conveniences like possible power adjustable front seats, keyless entry, cruise control, satellite radio and an automatic climate control system, dependent on model year and stock.

The Honda Accord Hybrid also features a large trunk and split-folding rear seats that avail even more space for cargo, so getting space for your shopping and home supplies is unlikely to be an issue with this car. The Honda Accord Hybrid also offers impressive power. It is available with possible hybrid powertrains that feature an electric motor and either a four-cylinder or V6 gas engine.

You can get a more detailed Used Honda Hybrid Models Overview at Honda of Bellingham. You can also get to test drive any of the used Honda hybrids when you come. Honda of Bellingham is located at 2010 Iowa Street, Bellingham, WA 98229, and you can also reach us at 866-455-8489.

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