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2019 Honda Model Lineup Information

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There’s never been a more appealing time to get yourself a brand-new Honda than this year. The 2019 lineup of Honda models is a star-studded cast of sedans, coupes and hatchbacks that ensure there is something to be found for every kind of driver out there. Visit or call us at Honda of Bellingham to find out extensive details on the 2019 Honda Model Lineup Information, while in the meantime we’ve compiled a rundown of some of the basics to keep you informed.

"The 2019 lineup of Honda models is a star-studded cast that ensures there is something to be found for every kind of driver. "

2019 Honda Model Versatility Lineup Information

If you’ve ever owned a Honda Civic before, you know what type of automobile you’re going to get: reliable, feature-heavy and fuel efficient. Now, the Civic can be found in a surprising number of variations. Whether you find yourself searching for a hatchback, a coupe or a sedan, you should be able to find the perfect Honda Civic to meet your needs. Of all the cars in the 2019 Honda Model Lineup Information, the Civic is able to cover the most ground and appeal to the greatest number of consumers.


Design Options of the 2019 Honda Model Lineup

The redesigned 2019 Civic Coupe is a two-door luxury sport vehicle featuring fully independent front and rear suspension and able to reach up to 174-horsepower. You’ll absolutely love the way you drive with the available turbocharged engine that makes you feel like a king of the road.

If the Coupe doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, don’t be disappointed, as the Civic is only just getting started. The Civic Sedan has available features such as the lovely heated steering wheel and heated seats, a power moonroof, remote start and more. The Civic Sedan is the perfect choice for a young professional or new family, featuring all of the features and amenities you’ve come to expect from a 2019 Honda.

Still having some doubts about the Civic? Last but certainly not least, why not try out the Civic Hatchback? With possibilities of reaching up to 40 mpg of highway driving or 31 mpg of city driving, the Civic Hatchback is sleek, efficient and spacious, providing the ideal driving experience for many customers already as a part of the 2019 Honda Model Lineup Information.

2019 Honda Model Efficiency Lineup Info

If the Honda Civic doesn’t have any appeal for you, you should still have some luck in the sedan category, as Honda has a selection of other options available that might cover your needs. Whether you’re looking for an electric car, a hybrid or a classic gas-fueled automobile, the 2019 Honda sedan lineup has you covered.

If you’ve got concerns about fuel efficiency, why not check out the 2019 Honda Insight with its impressive efficiency ratings? This gorgeous hybrid car comes in a variety of attractive colors, and features a stylish design that serves to complement its efficient performance. On the interior, the Insight contains a huge amount of control for the driver over comfort, entertainment and your driving experience. We don’t recommend passing up a test drive of this absolute beauty.

Amenities of the 2019 Honda Model Lineup

Is the Insight not your style? How about a classic favorite given new life with the 2019 Honda Accord? The Accord is a massively popular model of sedan that’s better this year than ever before, including Honda’s safety enhancing technology features, a bold new muscle car-inspired design, LED headlights and foglights, and more, and that’s only on the exterior.

On the inside, the 2019 Honda Accord contains all the advanced available features shared by its fellow 2019 Honda models, such as a digital driver dashboard interface, leather trim seating, extensive climate control and a digital display that lets you experience your drive however you want. Available as a standard car or as a hybrid, the Accord continues to offer a personalized experience suited to your needs, no matter what they are.

At Honda of Bellingham, it’s easy to see how passionate our staff are about the vehicles we carry. We believe we have the right car for you and that it’s only a matter of getting you into it. Please feel free to give us a call or stop in and see us any time during office hours. Our address is 2010 Iowa Street, Bellingham, WA 98229, or you can reach a member of our sales team by phone by calling 866-455-8489. Let us do the hard work for you, and you could soon be sitting in the 2019 Honda you’ve been dreaming of.

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