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2016 Honda SUV Information

SUVs are the perfect vehicle for families as they offer up everything you need for your family from space and safety to technology. There are many different kinds of SUVs out there so it is hard to find the one that will benefit you the most. It depends on what you need one for.

If you have a big family and need space for them as well as cargo, the new 2016 Honda Pilot is one of the top ones to look at thanks to its space. If you like vehicles that are jam packed with safety and performance, the 2016 Honda CR-V is another high end choice to look at.

2016 Honda SUV Performance

The overall performance on the 2016 Pilot is has been improved in multiple ways. One big difference is that it comes with a 9-speed automatic transmission. This new transmission improves your driving experience by adding seamless shifts and improves efficiency. The engine on this new model is an impressive V6 engine that can get up to 280 hp.

Other features can include an intelligent AWD system, Idle-Stop which shuts off the engine when stopped to conserve fuel, and more. Intelligent AWD allows it to handle any road condition with ease automatically without you needing to do a thing.

There is a lot to love about the interior of the Pilot as it has many different things. First off, there is tons of space for everyone and everything you need. With the rear seats and middle seats folded down, you can get up to a whopping 109.2 cubic feet of cargo space. There are 8 available seats or 7 if you get second-row captain’s chairs. New overall styling in the front and back also includes LED lights and a revamped grille to add extra style.

Overall, the new 2016 CR-V will features a slight face-lifted exterior. The front grille is different in only a few small ways. The biggest change is the new LED headlights and daytime running lights that are over the headlights. This adds for a more stunning and vibrant look. The grille has a slight touch chrome to add more luxury and a bumper that has been slightly modified as well.

In the back, there is LED rear tail lights to help keep you more visible no matter what time of day it is. LED lights are brighter and more efficient as they do not use as much energy. The rear bumper has a different placement of the fog lights and the tailgate has a slight new design allowing for easier access.

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Inside the 2016 Honda SUV in Bellingham

On the inside, there are better quality materials used to allow for more comfortable seating and better overall ergonomics. The features you can find inside also add more to it which include the 7-inch touchscreen that can have navigation, Bluetooth, USB ports, and shows the rear view camera. Better noise cancellation materials inside also make it slightly more quiet as well.

The one thing that doesn’t quite change are the engine models. Featured on the 2016 CR-V is a standard 1.6L that produces 118 hp which is enough power to get around with ease. The middle engine is a 2.0L that can generate 150 hp for those wanting something in the middle. The most powerful engine is the 2.4L

Bringing back the award-winning CR-V in safety to out-do the last model can be difficult or easy. Honda took things even further to make it even safer than ever. The body structure was modified to improve safety if you happen to get into a collision.

It even gets better results in the crash test than last year. All of the advanced and standard safety features return as well including Lane Keep Assist System, Forward, Collision warning, Blind Spot Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more. All of these features are key to keep you safe.

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If you are searching for the perfect SUVs, these two revamped editions offer everything you could need from an incredible amount of space to having one of the best safety systems available. The 2016 Pilot and CR-V mean business in every way.

If you would like more information on the 2016 Pilot or want to test drive it, you can contact us at 866-455-8489 or you can stop in and take a look for yourself. We are located on Iowa Street in Bellingham, WA. We proudly serve the surrounding cities as well including Blaine, Mt. Vernon, and more.

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