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Trade or Sell Us Your Car!
At Honda of Bellingham sell or trade your vehicle for an instant cash offer!

Tell us about your vehicle

Visit our dealership, and we'll be happy to look at your vehicle and take the time to learn more about it so that we can give you an appraisal.

Get an offer

Once we take a good look at your car, we'll draw up an offer for you.

Make Your Decision

With an offer in hand, you have a few options. Take payment, switch gears and make a trade, or take some time to think about your next move.

We will buy your car at Honda of Bellingham

If you're gearing up to sell your car, you can count on Honda of Bellingham to deliver an easy going selling experience and help you get a great price for your vehicle. Even if you don't purchase a car from our dealership, you can still depend on our friendly and knowledgeable team of auto experts to help you navigate the sales process. We strive to make the process of selling your vehicle as simple and low-pressure as possible so that you can walk away feeling confident.

How We Put an Offer Together

When writing an offer, we consider a few elements while we appraise your vehicle:

  • Vehicle condition: We check inside and out to see what sort of shape your vehicle is in ranging from its frame to its upholstery.
  • Features: We'll take note of any of the packages, options, and features your vehicle has that make it special.
  • Vehicle history report: We'll check your car's service and accident records to get a better idea of its condition and background.
  • Road test: A quick test drive lets us know how your car's brakes, steering, and other components work out on the road.

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